Best practices for how to build your network and advance your career

In 2020, in the midst of COVID, my Brother-In-Law Greg Luce shared that he’d used isolation time to explore a career in CyberSecurity.

As he shared his interest, I sensed there was more. I sensed a deep desire to learn and grow.

With that knowledge, I invited Greg to join me on my upcoming podcast with Gary S. Chan.

Gary is an expert in helping businesses leverage their IT departments to achieve strategic goals, enable sales, & meet compliance.

That day, Gary saw something in Greg. Over the next six months, I saw Greg execute the following best practices (even without knowing it):

1) Find a mentor.

2) Demonstrate a desire to learn.

3) Act on the advice you receive.

4) Follow up once you’ve acted on the advice and ask for more.

5) Be confident in what you’ve learned but stay truthful in what you still don’t know.

Earlier this month, Gary hired Greg!!!

Gary, thanks for being a wonderful mentor.

Greg, congratulations on passing your CySA+, on your tenacity, and on knowing a good mentor when you see one.

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