Great ideas are a dime a dozen. Here’s how to get them advanced! You’ve got a great idea.

In fact, you have tons of great ideas. And, you’re so confident in your ideas, you can’t help but share them with leadership.

The problem is great ideas are a dime a dozen, and anyone can saying what should get done.

So how do you test your great ideas and get them funded?

Today’s guest on the Caged Visio Podcast is Gary Chan.

Gary had a bright mind from his earliest years and got drawn to technology.

To advance his passion, Gary went on to study Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT.

After years in industry, Gary went out on his own to chase a vision of his own.

To that end, on today’s show, we also have a guest host in Greg Luce.

As you’ll hear, Greg has a similar interest and Gary and was able to step up the questioning in a topic that was way over my head.