The sense of pride in what you do says it all. But does your leadership team know?

Unfortunately, many organizations have overlooked the simple process of consistently sharing WHY they exist. …And, HOW this relates to the critical work employees do.

The good news is there are specific things you can do now to let your leadership team know the organization’s WHY is important to YOU. To get started, consider these three tips:

1) Start by asking for clarity – Look to what your leadership team is saying and ask for clarity where statements seem vague.

2) Align by connecting – Once clarified, aligned the organizational WHY with the work you do.

3) Engage by sharing – Your leadership team cannot know the operational challenges you foresee without you constructively sharing ((observation/concern) + (what you think it will take) = (solution)).

Use these tips to better engage with your leadership team, understand your organization’s WHY, and align the dignity with the work you do.

I help leaders and teams align around a common objective to achieve transformational results.

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