As an executive charged w/ strategy implementation, it can be challenging to have employees participate in strategic planning. But this doesn’t mean you can’t have input at all.

On the contrary, asking employees to attend offsite meetings & strategizing sessions will lead to a deeper understanding of their role within the company. In addition, overcoming this lack of buy-in will help encourage their involvement & commitment to your business model.

Try these tips to include everyone in #strategy through implementation:

1) Inform the entire company when executive #leadership is starting the annual strategy process, & encourage everyone to provide input

2) Throughout the strategy development process, disseminate the high-level strategic priorities, mainly OKRs, so that everyone is aware of the overall direction of the organization

3) Create a formalized process for capturing ideas from the field related to strategic initiatives so that the executive #team can evaluate the #ROI of each idea

4) Develop a feedback mechanism so that your team members can see the evolution of their idea & #impact the overall strategy.

This process is a quick way to create excitement by capturing strategic ideas from your whole team.