How to be an INFLUENCER that matters.

Are you a Go-Getter? Most of you might instinctively respond with an immediate and resounding YES!

…But what about a GO-GIVER INFLUENCER? 

Today, my guest Bob Burg, co-author of The Go-Giver series, talks Influence on the Caged Vision Podcast. We had an amazing conversation filled with the wisdom Bob is known for. Below are a few takeaways:

“We can all have a vision. It’s holding on to that vision…having a vision is the easy part, it’s holding that vision is often the difficult part, especially when things do go as we want them to go.”

“Influence on a basic level is the ability to move a person or persons to a desired action & within the context of a specific goal. That’s the definition, but by no means is it the substance or the essence of Influence.”

“The essence of influence is PULL.”

“A great influencer asks themselves questions to make sure they’re facing the right direction. For example: How does what I’m asking of this person align with THEIR goals, THEIR needs?”

“Leadership can come from anywhere in an organization, but for it to be a culture, it’s got to come from the top.”

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Stay well and thanks for listening to the Caged Vision Podcast, helping you Unlocking Your Vision and Transform Your Business.