How to best scope innovation to achieve transformational results fast…

You know for a fact, gone are the days of taking 18 months to define your innovation efforts.

But did it ever work to begin with?

More than likely, the answer is no because planning for innovation became an over-engineered exercise.

And, the result was a plan to ridged to address unknown challenges.

The good news is there are a few best practices you can implement to help your scoping process. To get started, give the following a go:

1) Be sure to tie your innovation effort to a larger organizational strategic priority. Shiny objects get attention but not traction unless tied to a strategic focus.

2) Be clear about the objective behind your innovation. It’s virtually impossible to establish meaningful key results desired without a clear objective.

3) Once a clear objective tied to strategic priorities has been established AND meaningful key results are set, approach the experts & have them tell you how they’ll deliver the results you desire.

Use these best practices to help you get started when targeting #innovation to achieve transformational outcomes.

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