How to best use AI for better analytics.

When you’ve worked for four of the biggest consulting firms, you’ve seen a few things.

You’ve also seen years worth of “modernization” set as the primary priority in a matter of months.

But how do you take decades of data, organize it, clean it, structure it, integrate it, and then somehow use it to predict business outcomes better?

Well, you’re in luck!

Today I have an AI guru who has lead manufacturing, financial services, and higher education in their most pressing AI initiatives.

I have Mohit Sahgal on the show today. Mohit is the Head of Data Engineering at EKI Digital.

Be sure to listen to the podcast to discover:

✔️  The importance of creating the right starting point with your data

✔️  What a Co-Location and Integration strategy can do for you

✔️  How to create analytics to predict better and perfect business operations

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