An effective strategic direction sends out a clear message that the leader believes is important to accomplishing the organizational mission & vision.

On the other side of the coin, this message ensures critical decision-making is aligned & systematic.

This alignment prioritizes the successful execution of major initiatives while simultaneously giving the team clarity on how & where to execute.

When implemented, the principles of a strategic direction will set the tone.

Leaders must then support this direction within their organization through adhering to its tenets.

The principles of a strategic direction include:

1) Create an actionable, coherent direction with one primary objective

2) Establish supporting key results, KPIs, and milestones

3) Measure outcomes

4) Track progress & review processes

Strategic directions can be challenging to implement. Without suitable support systems, it can take months before your strategy is truly implemented at all levels of the organization.

Even then, #implementation will be slow at the beginning and can stall if #leadership is not continually reminded of their responsibility.

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