Budget constraints are a real issue in every organization & government agency. You may have the best #strategy in the world, but you don’t have the funding to do everything?

You must prioritize your objectives & key results to maximize your strategic return on investment.

Spending on things like new technology can be easily steered towards a higher priority when there may be more burning issues you must execute.

There are things you “can” do, and there are things you “must” do.

First, determine the resources and priorities that are key to your strategy.

It should involve answering questions like:

1) What must we spend the money on today?

2) Are there potential savings from not building this capability now or indefinitely?

3) What is the time horizon of the work we must do?

You may need to prioritize specific tasks that might involve services engagements or core vendor contracts.

Even when most of the necessary time & resources are available, #success depends on the critical resources.

Don’t let budget constraints kill your strategy.

Prioritize & stay nimble to get the essential pieces of your strategy through to #implementation

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