Strategy is critical to your success but can so quickly go wrong. Every year, companies spend huge amounts of money and time developing a winning strategy.

But one problem prevails: the average employee never reads it. It has been found that only 19% of employees have read a comprehensive company #strategy document. This is a problem because these same employees are in charge of implementing strategy.

Strategic #implementation design is the foundation of any successful strategic initiative. When implementation lacks a clear framework, issues will arise — from miscommunication among team members to tons of early strategic activity that begins to lose steam mid-cycle.

But once “strategic projects” start to lose steam, it’s too late.

Organizations are better off when they design strategy implementation within a structured framework aligning their projects & initiatives w/ the overall goals.

The good news is with the proper framework & strategic implementation design on the front end, strategic projects become better aligned and targeted to your desired outcomes.

I help organizations design implementation strategies that clarify the confusion between strategy #execution & project management.

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