How to lead with passion and not lose the personality behind your vision

“Ideas come and go, but if they last more than a couple of months I know that there’s something there.”

This week on the Caged Vision Podcast, I interview Trent Kocurek, CEO of AirShip. Trent is a passion-driven person who thrives on unlocking the passion and value of his customer.

Be sure to download and listen. When you do, you get some great takeaways like:

  1. When determining if you need to invest in one of your ideas, write your idea down, and if you keep coming back to it, that’s an early indicator of your true passion behind the idea.
  2. How to be a passion-driven person by constantly reinvesting in your ideas.
  3. Clearly articulate how what you do will enhance and assist in adding value to your customer.

Use these tips to help lead with your passion and not lose the personality behind your vision.

To connect with Trent, you can find him on LinkedIn and on his company website – AirShip.