How to overcome the biggest problem in strategy and achieve grand success

You know strategy must start at the top. You’ve assembled a pretty good process for collaboration ideas. You even have a PowerPoint template all set up to communicate your plan to the team.

The problem is your team hasn’t been in your head for the last 12 months.

And, #strategy cannot be delegated out for your staff to flesh out how to achieve success.

Unfortunately, organizations consistently fail to address this huge strategy problem.

The good news is your organization can overcome this problem. To get started consider the following best practices:

1) Adopt a proven methodology for implementing your strategy plan

2) Ensure your methodology considers inputs from all stakeholders

3) Utilize a visual framework that allows you to grasp both the macro & micro nuances of your #implementation plan with ease

Use these #bestpractices to better connect your strategy to what it will take to drive success.

You’ll find a closer insight into the operational challenges & resource constraints that may impede #success when you do.

I develop & implement strategy plans using a proven system & a visual framework so organizations are more successful.

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