How to Overcome Your Fear and Follow Your Heart.

This weeks Caged Vision Podcast interview with @SophieChiche revealed 6 golden nuggets of wisdom. At the age of 17, Sophie made a life-changing decision. It would take guts, it would take courage, it would take overcoming her fears, and it would take following her heart.

Along her journey, and through our conversation, Sophie revealed six key takeaways that helped her continue to pursue her path and unlock her vision.

  1. Find Motivation
  2. Control Your Fear
  3. Follow Your Heart
  4. Do What Matters To You (Because sustaining your effort takes stamina)
  5. Not Everyone Wants You To Succeed
  6. Remove All Of The ?Can?t?s? Surrounding You

Be sure to listen to download and listen to this episode to learn more about how these six steps shaped Sophie?s life.

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