How to punch above your weight when you don’t have a COO.

You’ve accomplished a lot.

The thought of a COO to own strategic execution has crossed your mind, but you’re just not there yet.

So, you or your CFO owns it.

The problem is your organization is growing, and you need a better, smarter way to execute so you don’t get overburdened w/ meetings.

The good news is with the right system, you and your team can punch above your weight when executing strategy.

Below are a few best practices to get you on the right track:

1) Start with a single Objective that serves as the clear focal point for your organization. Example: “Modernize our offerings to be delivered in the cloud.”

2) Define & describe the Results you’ll need to achieve AND how you’ll measure success. Make sure your metrics are clear & monitored once established.

3) Establish a single Owner for each result. Ideally, this will be different members of your executive team.

Use these best practices to punch above your weight so you & your team can execute with precision.

I help executive teams execute strategic initiatives so they can modernize their business fast & stay relevant.

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