Your Strategy,
Our How
Strategies get stuck all the time. Get strategy out of your head and move forward knowing your team has a roadmap to success.

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Organize Complexity

We unpack, organize, structure, and align your competing priorities.

Focus Teams

We focus every stakeholder and strategic objective using a uniform model

Deliver Confidence

Your stakeholders will receive individual Strategic Implementation Roadmaps so they and you can move forward with confidence.

You had me at Whiteboard!

Our session will be simple and straight-forward. We’ll unpack…
1) Where you need to go, 2) Understand what’s in the way, 3) Your plan’s impact

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

“Our Board of Directors told me StratAAS™ was the most advanced strategy implementation plans they’ve ever seen for an organization our size.”

~Jeff Smith, CEO Trussway

Cypress Resources showed unique strategy, business and leadership acumen that facilitated the delivery of some of our company’s most important strategic objectives during a time of significant market dislocation.

~PE Growth & Strategy CFO

We Accelerate Strategy

Our proprietary system, StratAAS, accelerates how federal leaders achieve strategic results. We get stakeholders aligned with results, working on strategic objectives, and the resources they need faster than anyone in the market.

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