“The chains of habit are too light to be felt until they’re too heavy to be broken.”

The habits you’ve instilled to execute your strategy will most likely have to change.

Moving forward, you’ll have to rely less on face-to-face stand up meetings and more on clear direction, ownership, and accountability.

Most likely, your team still can’t yet recognize their “in office” habits and how they impact how strategy is executed.

So it’s on you to lay out a new plan with new habits.

Below are a few key principles to keep in mind to ensure the right habits are instilled when executing strategy:

1) Clarity creates focus for your team.

2) Focus is the starting point for a roadmap.

3) Roadmaps generate the path for ownership and accountability for your plan.

Now is the time for new habits so your team can execute better, faster, and more nimble.

I help executive teams create new habits so that they can execute more effectively.

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