Why context is what matters most in successful strategy implementation

Context? What’s context got to do with strategy implementation?

Well, in short, everything. Here’s why:

Strategic thinkers crystalize their vision to accelerate the correct change in the organization. This process takes tremendous thought and consideration. Press the organization too much; you may break it. Press too little; you may get complacent and lose. It’s indeed a tricky balance.

However, strategy get’s successfully implemented when organizational leaders understand what the strategic direction means to their area of focus.

And, when this context is established, these leaders now have the opportunity to better share how their team will participate in the strategy’s success.

When cascaded correctly, the detailed tasks and precision of execution five layers deep in the organization remain perfectly aligned with the big picture vision.

Context is king when accelerating the right change is a priority.

Pro Tip: Use a strategy implementation framework to ensure your strategy execution efforts deliver context at the proper levels, so success is more likely.

I help leaders implement strategy, so they accelerate the right change faster.

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