Advisory & Consulting Services

Building Programs and Teams to Help You Transform

Cypress Resources provides advisory and consulting services in the areas of Leadership Training and Development, Business and Digital Transformation, and Financial Management.

We have also developed a proprietary method for aligning strategic transformation initiatives to OKRs. If you’re a leader who desires a clearer path to the outcomes you want, Cypress Resources is your teaming partner.



Providing Transformational Advisory, Organizational Strategy, and Strategic Execution Services to Federal Agencies.


Providing Organizational Transformation, Strategy Alignment, and Strategic Execution Services to middle-market organizations.


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Leadership Development

We build deliberate leadership training to transform behavior and drive outcomes.

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Business & Digital Transformation

We assess, align, and assemble the expertise to deliver on your most pressing transformational efforts.
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Financial Management

We evaluate and recommend best practices for sound business operations, processes, and controls.