Commercial Services

Since 2005 we’ve served B2B organizations located across the US. We primarily serve high-growth middle-market companies with revenues between $30M-$1B. Today’s middle-market companies seem keenly interested in our services which allow them to scale and grow without adding full-time overhead until it is necessary.

When working with these companies we understand the need to get a lot done within a short period of time. We also know having a nimble partner like Cypress will help them quickly:

  • Translate strategic and transformational initiatives with a clear, achievable, execution plan so that all organizational efforts are a aligned with a single core objective.
  • Develop a contribution assessment forecasting ROI for critical initiatives
  • Access the ability to execute effectively
  • Identify critical gaps in expertise
  • Deliver a turnkey solution to execute the plan timely


We understand data is critical to your business. In fact, that’s why you’ve invested so heavily in systems. The problem is, we’ve seemingly gone from pushing paper to pushing data. And, you haven’t done all of this just so more reports can be generated. You need your data to better inform you so you can make more informed decisions. The good news is there is a unique approach to analyzing data that makes better decisions as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Step One

Operate from a clean source of data

Step Two

Organize the data into meaningful information

Step Three

Apply industry knowledge to better determine what the information means

When you follow these three simple steps, you soon be on the way to making wise decisions about the future of your business.


Business Analysis

  • Analyzing business opportunities and associated risks
  • Facilitating communication between stakeholders
  • Defining and clarifying deliverables
  • Translating project requirements to the team
  • Business analytics

Data Analytics

  • Developing insightful visualization of data using Power BI and Tableau
  • Retrieving data using Power BI, MySQL, and Power Query create in-depth examination of data
  • Summarizing large data tables using Python
  • Training and development of team using data analytics tool
  • Statistical analysis using STATA and Monte Carlo

Financial Operations

  • Business Process Support
  • Financial Improvement and Audit Readiness
  • Margin Improvement Initiatives
  • System Implementations
  • Model Development

Risk Management

  • OMB Circular No. A-123
  • Enterprise Risk Management and Control
  • Quality Assurance and Internal Review


  • Cloud Migration
  • Cyber Assessments
  • Power BI
  • System Implementation
  • Data Driven Adaptive Learning
  • SharePoint