Commercial Services

Since 2005 we’ve served B2B organizations located across the US. We primarily serve middle-market companies with revenues between $50M-$1B. Today’s middle-market companies require strategy support services that get the job done without being overly complex.

We work with the leadership of middle-market companies to:

  • Clarify organizational strategic objectives
  • Establish supporting organizational key results
  • Create alignment and ownership of key results with relevant stakeholders
  • Design supporting functional team implementation plans
  • Visualize reporting metrics in an executive dashboard with drill-down capabilities
  • Provide on-going strategy implementation support


We use a simple 4-step process to support strategic priorities. Each step utilizes a systematic process that results in an implementation plan you can both visualize and trust. Our proprietary process for strategy intake (step 1) provides the key elements necessary for stakeholder alignment (step 2). Step 2 remains an iterative process until implementation plans have reached the functional teams who will form the basis of strategy implementation. Once completed, we develop reporting dashboard(s) (step 3) so that managing strategy is both simple and, by utilizing our drill-down capabilities, contextual to the supporting areas of your organization. Last, but certainly not least, we know you’ll have strategic priorities that will require a few SMEs to provide your team with a lift. Leveraging our strategy implementation design, we deploy the resources required to make your strategic priorities a success (step 4).

  • Strategic Communications
  • Organizational Design
  • Data-Driven Decision-Making
  • Cultural & Digital Transformation
  • Change Management
  • Leadership Development
  • Data Analytics


Past Performance Excerpts

Trussway Manufacturing LLC

Cypress Resources, Inc. provides cradle to grave strategy management support for middle-market organizations. Since 2019, Cypress has worked with the senior-most leadership of Trussway to cast a three-year vision, focus the organization around a 12-month strategic objective, establish supporting organizational key results, establish alignment and ownership among relevant stakeholders, design supporting functional team implementation plans, visualize reporting metric(s) in an executive dashboard with drill-down capabilities, and provided on-going strategy implementation support. These efforts have helped build our reputation as the “go-to” boutique for strategy management support.

Data Visualization and Cloud Services

Cypress Resources, Inc. supports contracts with the Department of Defense, federal civilian agencies, as well as commercial organizations. We provide strategic management support to assist with organizational mandates, directives, and program development. As a result of our work, Cypress has extracted, analyzed, and visualized complex data sets to provide key leadership meaningful data for decision-making. Further, Cypress has identified opportunities to re-engineer processes, automate workflows, and streamline databases to improve data quality and analysis.


We understand data is critical to your business. In fact, that’s why you’ve invested so heavily in systems. The problem is, we’ve seemingly gone from pushing paper to pushing data. And, you haven’t done all of this just so more reports can be generated. You need your data to better inform you so you can make more informed decisions. The good news is there is a unique approach to analyzing data that makes better decisions as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Step One

Operate from a clean source of data

Step Two

Organize the data into meaningful information

Step Three

Create executive dashboards for better data-drive decision-making

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