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Founded with Big 4 roots, Cypress Resources was formed in 2005 to serve executives using our proprietary execution model for strategic objectives. For over 15 years, we’ve worked tirelessly to align strategic objects and key results while offering unparalleled reach to on-demand subject matter experts.

In 2006, we began working with PricewaterhouseCoopers in support of the Department of Defense Financial Improvement and Audit Readiness (“FIAR”) efforts. Since then our over 14 years of government practice expertise has led us to prime contracts in Leadership Development and Training, as well as business transformation projects for the DOD in the areas of strategy and technology.

Jana Rome is the firm’s leader and serves as the Managing Director. Her “human-first” approach to business is at the heart the Firm’s culture. As a former CPA who worked under PwC in the late ’90s, Jana is the perfect leader to oversee the daily operations of Cypress Resources.

Carey Rome, who founded Cypress Resources, and has served as its CEO, leads all Client and Team Development activities as well as the Firm’s commercial practice.

Nick Guest, who has been with the firm since 2009, leads the firm’s compliance and risk activities. Nick worked under PwC in early 2000 where he oversaw projects for one of the largest turnarounds in corporate history.


We stand for and work to develop a culture of truth, fairness, and transparency. We believe in working through known challenges with our team. However, unknown challenges undermine trust and, ultimately, culture. For this reason, we encourage open communication with our employees.

We live by two simple rules: 1) Is it the truth? and 2) Is it fair to all parties involved? When the answer is yes to both, we believe the fundamentals exist for a strong relationship. These simple principles guide our culture and the key relationships we invest in.

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Many of our employees enjoy the benefits of flexible work arrangements. While not available in every case, remote work opportunities with on-site meetings are a growing option for our team. We’ve found that with increased accountability and consistently doing what we say we’ll do, there comes an increased open-mindedness regarding flexibility.

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We look for growth-minded employees to join our team. Our expectation and desire is to foster an atmosphere of professional growth in every employee. Cypress matches spending on continuing education and certifications to advance contract opportunities for our employees.

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We work to provide some of the best benefits available in the market. Included in our benefits for federal employees is 25 days of paid time off per year (including Federal Holidays), competitive compensation, Simple IRA match, donations to employee designated charities, quarterly Above and Beyond Awards, monthly employee contests/surprises, and much more.

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